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U.S. war veteran recovering from TBI with the use of HBOT

ABC news affiliate KVUE out of Tacoma, WA recently reported on the successful results of using hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment of a U.S. war veteran battling TBI and other problems from injuries he sustained while on active duty … Continue reading

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy being used at University of Florida

A dog bitten by a rattlesnake is now home with her owners and doing well after becoming the first patient at the University of Florida Small Animal Hospital to receive treatment in a new hyperbaric oxygen chamber, one of only … Continue reading

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Speeds Recovery from Venemous Bite for Hero

As we have posted before, hyperbaric oxygen therapy isn’t just for humans! Read below the story of a heroic black lab who intervened between his human and a poisonous water moccasin snake in Kissimmee, Florida and is currently receiving treatment … Continue reading

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Hyperbaric chamber therapy helps carbon monoxide poisoning victim

A woman from North Carolina is being treated at Duke University Hospital with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, following a tragedy that involved poisonous carbon monoxide fumes emitted from a generator. To read more: Duke hyperbaric unit helps heal carbon monoxide poisoning

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Toddler helped by hyperbaric therapy after near-drowning

A recent news story from Toronto, Canada chronicled the positive advances that a 14 month old toddler has experienced over the past several weeks since beginning treatment with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. To read more and see video: Baby Jesse helped … Continue reading

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NFL player dad and son undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy, together, for help with post concussion syndrome and autism

KDAF-TV from Dallas/Fort Worth reports on former NFL player and autistic son who are currently receiving HBOT in hopes of aiding their individual problems. “Ryan and Will Neufeld have something in common–besides being father and son. Both are looking for … Continue reading

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HBOT helps teacher save fingers from amputation

A retired school teacher in Lake Charles, LA credits hyperbaric oxygen therapy for helping to heal her fingers and save them from impending amputation. Read and watch news video: Amputation avoided thanks to hyperbaric oxygen chamber

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Afghanistan troops raise funds to enable child to receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy

A two year oldĀ  boy from Georgia, born with a serious brain condition, is receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy thanks to the generosity of US military soldiers and local donators who pooled funds together to pay for treatment that insurance does … Continue reading

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University of South Florida researchers using HBOT for brain injury

A University of South Florida research team is currently using animal models in order to expedite findings on hyperbaric oxygen therapy’s use in treating brain injury. Animal studies have been conducted internationally for the past several decades and have resulted … Continue reading

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Legally blind student credits HBOT for regaining eyesight

A student in Ireland credits hyperbaric oxygen therapy for helping him regain his eyesight. Erik Lokko received HBOT for an inherited, progressively degenerative eye condition. Erik’s treatment took place over the span of two years resulting in a return of … Continue reading

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