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HBOT reported successful in multiple medical scenarios, including migraines

A recent article published in the United Kingdom well describes the various problematic medical issues that are being successfully treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. To read more: The diving tank that can heal leg ulcers… and it may help with … Continue reading

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Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, seeks hyperbaric oxygen treatment

Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, announced plans to travel to Cuba as early as Tuesday for more medical treatment after spending much of the past 18 months fighting cancer. In a written request to the legislature, Chavez said doctors have recommended … Continue reading

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Hyperbaric oxygen chamber joins fight vs. cancer

Board certified neurosurgeon specialist in surgical brain tumor management, Dr. Christopher Duma, who practices at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Newport Beach, California, answers questions regarding his successful use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment of an aggressive form … Continue reading

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HBOT Part of Innovative New Treatments for Brain Cancer

A clinical trial utilizing hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy to increase the speed of radiation treatments for patients coping with malignant aggressive brain tumors is underway. “This is a postoperative study that focuses on using HBO as a radiation sensitizer,” says … Continue reading

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Evokes Anti-Cancer Effect in Breast Cancer Cells

New research indicates that HBOT may have an anti-cancer effect with breast cancer cells. A recent long term study shows the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in human breast cancer patients did not have any adverse effects and is even … Continue reading

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New Study Finds Hyperbaric Oxygen Increases Drug’s Effectiveness Against Leukemia

Researchers from Washington State University and the University of Washington recently published results in the internationally, peer-reviewed journal  Anticancer Research  describing the addition of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to the anti-cancer (and anti-malarial) drug, artemisinin, dramatically increasing the drug’s effectiveness. “In the … Continue reading

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