Hyperbaric oxygen therapy used in treating fibromyalgia

News coverage (News48 from Madison, Alabama) about the successful use of HBOT in treatment of fibromyalgia.

To read more and watch video:

Hyperbaric chamber used for more than ‘the bends’

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Brain injury and hyperbaric oxygen therapy studies conducted by U.S. military

The Department of Defense is currently running multiple studies on Hbot. The U. S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity is leading an effort to determine if hyperbaric oxygen is of benefit in the treatment of chronic symptoms of mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) or post-concussion syndrome (PCS). Results should be available this year.

Read more: Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBO2) Traumatic Brain Injury Research Program

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Hyperbaric oxgyen therapy helps man with post concussive syndrome

A Louisiana man passed out after choking on food and fell striking his head causing him to suffer a concussion. Post concussion symptoms including headaches, clouded thinking and lack of sleep persisted and did not improve until he underwent a series of hyperbaric oxygen treatments. To watch KATC3 news coverage video and read more go to: Lafayette man spreading awareness for brain injuries

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Stroke patient recovers with hyperbaric oxgyen therapy

A Florida veterinarian, familiar with HBOT from her own animal medical practice, sought out treatment with hyperbaric oxygen therapy after she herself suffered a stroke.

To read more and watch news video: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy at Jupiter Medical Center helps stroke victim recover

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Study proves hyperbaric oxygen therapy repairs brain damage

A new study from Israel was recently published and described the improvements stroke patients received following treatment with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Read more: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Can Repair Brain Damage
Oxygen Chamber Can Boost Brain Repair

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U.S. war veteran recovering from TBI with the use of HBOT

ABC news affiliate KVUE out of Tacoma, WA recently reported on the successful results of using hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment of a U.S. war veteran battling TBI and other problems from injuries he sustained while on active duty in the Gulf War.

“We were taking pills called nerve agent pretreatment pills and that really caused a lot of this stuff to happen,” Jeff Brennan said. “What I go though would kill most people.”

But Brennan’s condition is improving, thanks to a new and cutting-edge treatment, with the results even surprising his doctors…
Read more and see news video: Pure oxygen treatment brings hope for vet with TBI

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for post-concussion syndrome

A teenage athlete who suffered a concussion during high school sport last spring has seen great improvement in post concussion symptoms with the help of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

To read more and watch video: Teen Suffering from Concussion Sees Improvement with Hyperbaric Treatment

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy successul in treatment of West Nile virus

A woman in Dallas, Texas was recently interviewed by local Dallas NBC affiliate about her HBOT treatment for West Nile virus.

To read more and see video: WNV Survivor Uses Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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HBOT reported successful in multiple medical scenarios, including migraines

A recent article published in the United Kingdom well describes the various problematic medical issues that are being successfully treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

To read more: The diving tank that can heal leg ulcers… and it may help with migraines, too

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Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, seeks hyperbaric oxygen treatment

Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, announced plans to travel to Cuba as early as Tuesday for more medical treatment after spending much of the past 18 months fighting cancer.

In a written request to the legislature, Chavez said doctors have recommended he “begin special treatment consisting of various sessions of hyperbaric oxygenation” and physical therapy to continue “consolidating the process of strengthening health.”

Read more: Hugo Chavez heading to Cuba for hyperbaric oxygen treatment as his 18-month battle with cancer continues

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